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Transcend Mobile DC Power Adapter

Model: 503029
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$129.00   $79.95

No Prescription Required

Power Adapter for Travel CPAP Machines

The Transcend Mobile DC Power Adapter is a converter that allows Transcend travel CPAP machines to run from any DC battery. Perfect for travelers, campers, and people who just want a backup charger, the Mobile Power Adapter comes with a DC cord that can plug into cigarette DC outlets mound in most cars and boats.

Key Features

  • Six Foot Long Cord
  • Ideal for Travel
  • Plugs into Cigarette Lighter

Reviewers Tip:

Whether you're on the road for fun or for work, a power adapter is a useful accessory that any CPAP user should take with them on the road.

Travel CPAP Machines


Will this attach to all of Transcend's machines?

Yes, the cord is compatible with all Transcend CPAP machines.


SKU: 796