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Respironics External 80W AC Power Supply for PR System One 60 Series REMstar CPAP/BiPAP

Model: 1091399, 1091398
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Available Options:

Power Option:
No Prescription Required

Replacement Power Supply for Respironics System One 60 Series CPAPs

The Respironics System One 60 Series CPAP Power Supply is available in two different power settings. You can purchase the 60 watt power supply if you are running a Respironics 60 Series CPAP machine without a humidifier. If your CPAP setup has a humidifier you will need to purchase the 80 watt power supply.
*Please Be Sure to Check Which Series You Have. This Cord Will NOT Work For a 50 Series System One or Older!

Using the power supply abroad

Due to the design, you can travel and use the 60 Series power supply in almost every country around the world. You will need a converter from the outlet in order to plug in your 60 Series CPAP machine.

Key Features

  • Two different options - 60 watt for Respironics CPAP with or without humidifier, 80 watt for CPAP with humidifier and heated tubing.
  • 100-240 Volts - Allows for international use
  • Compatibility - Will power any Respironics System One 60 Series CPAP/APAP/BiPAP Machine

Reviewers Tip:

If you are using a humidifier and heated tubing with your CPAP, you must purchase the 80 watt power supply. While the 60 watt will power your CPAP machine, it will not be able to power the humidifier as well which will have negative results on your CPAP therapy if you are accustomed to a humidifier.


Can I purchase an outlet converter for overseas use for the Respironics 60 Series CPAP Power Supply?

Yes, we sell a multi-use converter that will work in most countries overseas so you can power your CPAP while traveling or living abroad.


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