Philips DreamStation Go CPAP Overnight Battery Pack
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Philips DreamStation Go CPAP Overnight Battery Pack

Model: 1133281
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  • Ship to credit card billing address only, no address changes due to frequent fraud.
  • Battery may be returned if unused and in original packaging. 
  • Ground shipping to lower 48 US states only.

Key Features:

  • Exclusively for Philips Respironics DreamStation Go
  • Lightweight at just 1.53 lb
  • Average Battery Run Time 13 hours (at CPAP pressure 10cm H2O)
  • Battery Recharge Time 4-5 hours
  • FAA-Approved for Air Travel

On the Go! (Literally)

The DreamStation Go Overnight Battery is a 50W lithium-ion battery compatible ONLY with the aforementioned machine. The battery fits directly into the device and can generally power the DreamStation Go for an average runtime of 13 hours(based on 10cmH2o), and possibly more depending on your breathing pattern and pressure settings during your sleep therapy.

With many users, we are either all frequent travelers or live in an area that frequently loses power. These issues arise and may pose problems to our sleep therapy, however, fear not as the DreamStation Go Battery will get you roughly 8 hours of usage or more should you lose power at home or travel somewhere off the beaten path of the country's respective power grid. Once connected to the device, the display screen shows the current charge status by way of charge bars. One of the best features is that the battery can be charged while the machine is in use and best of all if you lose power in the middle night then the device simply switches over to battery power seamlessly without interruption. This ultimately means that you'll have restful sleep anytime and anyplace.

Worried about too much weight? That is simply not the case with this overnight battery as it basically replaces the beauty panel adding additional but minimal length. 

User Instructions

  1. Plug the end of the AC power cord into the battery pack.
  2. Plug the AC power cord into an AC outlet.  Charge the battery pack for 4-5 hours until there is a solid green light.
  3. Remove the battery end cap on the therapy device.
  4. Disconnect the battery pack from the AC power cord.
  5. Slide the battery pack onto the therapy device.  Make sure the battery pack latches onto the therapy device.
  6. Push the battery pack push button to wake up the battery pack.

Reviewer's Tip:

Make sure you fully charge the battery before you use it -- this will extend the duration of your battery's peak performance. Periodically charge the battery pack if not used regularly.


What is the Life Cycle of this Battery?
According to the manufacturer, it is 500 Cycles

How long is the Recharge Time
Generally, it is will be between 4-5 hours

What is the average runtime for the overnight battery?
DreamStation Go set at 10 cm of pressure displayed an average run time of 13 hours.*
*PAP run-time test conditions: CPAP mode, pressure 10 cm H2O, 12 mm tubing, 37LPM of leak, 73.4 F room at an elevation of 1650 ft

Do I need an inverter to charge the battery from a DC power source like a car battery?
Yes. A DC to AC power inverter is necessary when the DreamStation Go operates off an external battery.  The DC/AC power inverter must be 150W or greater with an AC voltage output of 100-240 volts.


*Return on warranty issues only.

Technical Data
Machine Weight
1.53 lb
Machine Size Only
4.80" x 5.94" x 2.32"
1 Year
110-220V, 50-60Hz, 2.0-1.0A
Output Voltage: 18-24.6 VDC
Item Includes
  • 1x DreamStation Go Battery
  • User Manual
Reviews (1)
William J(Verified Purchase) 01/18/2018
5 of 5 Stars!

Nice fit to the machine. It charged quickly and ran the machine. I have not run over night yet on the battery.

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Hi, Can i know if this battery works for Phillips Respironics BIPAP auto?

Its charging time and the back up hours?

Thanks, SIddhant
Hello, I am sorry this battery will not work with your bipap. Thank you
does the battery charge from ac circet to run a philips dream cap
HI yes it will charge the batter form the wall
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