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Respironics DC 12-Volt Power Cord for 50/M Series CPAP

Model: 1001956
Respironics DC 12-Volt Power Cord for 50/M Series CPAP
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12 V Power Cord for Respironics 50/M Series CPAP Machines

The DC 12 V jack is compatible Respironics products that accomodate DC cables. The cables will charge your machine when you aren't connected to a wall outlet, which is great for frequent travelers and people who are frequently on the road.

Connect to 12 V Battery Sources

The cable will connect to any Respironics machine compatible with 12 V battery sources. One end attaches to the machines voltage jack, and the other side plugs into an energy socket.


The DC 12-Volt power cord is compatible with all Respironics M Series machines, all PR System One 50 machines except 60 series models, REMstar machines, Synchrony machines, Sandman Series machines, IntelliPAP Series machines, and the GoodKnight machines.

Key Features

  • Great For Travel
  • Easy to Pack
  • Intuitive Cable

Reviewers Tip:

If you travel often, or work on the road, having the ability to charge your device while you're driving or out and about is very convenient.


I didn't see 60 Series products under the compatibility section:

60 Series machines cannot be used with this cable.


SKU: 115