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ResMed S9 Series Power Adapter - 30W

Model: 36920
SKU: 319

ResMed S9 Series Power Adapter - 30W

Model: 36920

  • No Prescription Required

Power Adapter for ResMed CPAP and BiPAP Devices

This is the 30 Watt external power adapter compatible with ResMed S9 series CPAP and BiPAP machines when they are used without the humidifier. It comes with four different adapters that plug into different sockets, enabling you to take your adapter and CPAP machine around the country or the world. The adapter is small, lightweight, and great for traveling.

Travel Friendly

The four different adapters each feature a different socket, which will be compatible with all types of wall outlets. You'll be able to use the S9 Series Power Adapter at home, or wherever you travel abroad. As long as you can find electricity, you'll be able to use your S9 CPAP Machine.

Key Features

  • Four Different Adapters
  • Smaller Than the 90 W Model
  • Travel Friendly

Reviewers Tip:

Do NOT use this power supply while you are using a humidifier.

ResMed S9 Series: Quick Start



Can this be used with a DC configuration?

No, that must be purchased separately.

What will happen if I use this with a humidifier?

You could break the humidifier and start a fire.

Could I really start a fire?

Yes. Don't do it.


SKU: 319