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ResMed Battery Coupler Kit for Power Station (RPS) II

Model: 24964
ResMed Battery Coupler Kit for Power Station (RPS) II
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No Prescription Required

Battery Coupler Kit for ResMed Power Station

The Battery Coupler Kit for the ResMed Power Station II includes a battery coupler and a velco strap. This is intended for use with the ResMed Power Station II. The coupler works by connecting two batteries to the power station, and automatically switching between the batteries as needed.

Ideal for Travel

When you're out traveling, you may not be able to plug your CPAP machine into the wall. For those times, you'll need battery power. Unfortunatley, most batteries only last five to nine hours, so to ensure that you get a full night's sleep with uninterrupted therapy, you might need two batteries. If so, the coupler will help keep both batteries working without draining either battery. The coupler helps to keep both batteries plugged in and available, which will ensure you'll get an effective night of CPAP therapy.

The Strap

The velcro strap helps to keep all accessories locked into the same place, ensuring nothing gets lost or dislodged.

Key Features

  • Long Lasting
  • Great for Travel
  • Intuitive Use

Reviewers Tip:

Ideal for campers!

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Will I need the coupler kit if I am not using batteries?

No, the coupler kit is just for batteries. You won't need it if you're only plugging your CPAP into a wall.

Does the velcro strap come included?

Yes it does.


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