ResMed 20W AC Power Supply For AirMini Travel CPAP Machine
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ResMed 20W AC Power Supply For AirMini Travel CPAP Machine

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Replacement standard AirMini 20W AC Power Supply unit. 

Auto-sensing power supply switches between a range of 110 V - 240 V.

When traveling abroad, you need a plug adapter to use the AirMini. 

DC power is available in the near future.

Technical Data
Machine Weight
7.2 oz
Machine Size Only
3.5 X 2 x 1.35 in. (L x W x H)
AC Input
100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
6 ft cord
Reviews (3)
Christopher P 08/27/2017
1 of 5 Stars!

This high profile AC adapter is a terrible design... Yes I have an AirMini and use it for air travel and hotels.

The high profile wall wart design is heavy and slips out of overused / over inserted electrical outlets. Overused outlets are common on airlines and hotels... especially on a plane, expect your airmini to lose power because your adapter slipped out of the outlet.

It's also high profile, so instead of a nice slim 90 degree, you have 2 inches of extending adapter... which can be bumped easily on a plane or may not fit in hotel outlets that are behind furniture.

Lets add an international adapter on top of the AC.. for european or asian, and damned if you can get the huge thing to stay into the wall. To get around this obvious design flaw... you need to by a 1 or 2 foot extension cord and secure the adapter and the core together. We can only hope that resmed has a 2.0 version of this adapter in the works.

Frank B 02/21/2020
1 of 5 Stars!

I travel a lot and take half of my Resmed auto S9 as the power cord is removable from the transformer and can use world wide cords. I am now buying a travel cpap but sadly because of this country specific cumbersome plug I am going to a rival brand. not interested in plug adapters either. A couple of figure 8 cords is less space and don't fall out. my choice will be the HDMZ2.

THOMAS L 07/12/2018
1 of 5 Stars!

Everything Christopher P said is correct. This is a terribly designed power supply. It falls out of nearly every plug.

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Hi, I'm considering pur chasing a Resmed Air Mini for travel to France and Italy. What are the machine AC power requirements? Will it run on 220vac? In parts of Europe, they use 220vac as the standard line voltage.
Will I need special AC adapters, etc? Please explain what I will need to safely operate the Air Mini. Thanks. Rick Jacinth, Oceanside CA
Hello, I would suggest talking with your travel rep to see if the hotels you are staying at are compatible with American voltage or watts. If they are then you do not need to bring any other cords. But she can help direct you on what you will need to bring. Thank you
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