P10 Battery For Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto
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P10 Battery For Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto

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  • No Prescription Required
  • Ship to credit card billing address only, no address changes due to frequent fraud.
  • Battery returns only for manufacturer defects.
  • Ground shipping to lower 48 US states only.

Key Features:

  • Powers Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto and Heated Humidifier
  • Slim profile and lightweight
  • Stackable with 365 miniCPAP and Humidifier
  • Compatible with Transcend 365 miniCPAPs and Transcend 3
  • Rechargeable battery
  • FAA approved

Small, Thin Long Lasting Travel CPAP Battery

This lightweight battery designed specifically for the Transcend 365 MiniCPAP machine will give you what you need; which is power on the go! Being slim, and portable, you will check twice to make sure you've packed it in your travel case or purse before you leave. With the test being run, the P10 has shown the ability to run up to 26 hours of therapy at a pressure of 12 cm H20 when the humidifier is not in use. When the humidifier is in use the Transcend 365 can count for up to 5.81 hours at the same pressure of 12 cm H20. Depending on your pressure settings, altitude, room temperature, leak rate, and breathing pattern, run times can be affected. Go for it, take this battery anywhere and you will definitely get a great night's sleep with your Transcend 365 CPAP machine and this travel-friendly P10 battery.

Lower Altitude, Lower therapy pressure, and Lower Humidification will provide a longer last runtime. 
Higher Altitude, Higher therapy pressure, and Higher Humidification will provide reduced runtime 

Lightweight and Travel-Friendly
The Transcend P10 Battery weighs just under a pound and is slightly smaller than a smartphone with traditional playing cards stacked on top of it. 

Take It Anywhere
What makes the P10 so special is that it is the first of its kind to be able to use both humidifier and machine simultaneously while off the grid. Unlike its predecessors that required power from an outlet to be readily available when using both, you can connect the Transcend 365 to the battery and power them together for maximum comfort and away from an outlet.  With the ability to hold a charge for a full night and more, you can feel comfortable taking this device camping, on vacation, sleeping on a boat, or anywhere else you might like to go and not have a single worry about whether or not you will have therapy. Don't compromise on your sleep: take the Transcend P10 Battery charger with you and get the uninterrupted night's sleep you've been yearning for. 

Using Tips

  • Charges in about 7 hours
  • Fits Comfortably in Any Case
  • Run times: About 5.80 hours when using Humidifier, and 26 hours without Humidifier at 12 cm H20.

User Instructions:

  1. Fully charge the battery before first use. When the LED light on the battery stops flashing and shows solid green, the battery is fully charged.
  2. Charge the P10 battery using your Transcend Universal Power Supply.
  3. Insert the barrel connector plug from the battery into the Transcend device.

Reviewers Tip:
This device is not waterproof, so if you're outside exercise caution and be careful that it doesn't get caught in the rain.

The battery is FAA-compliant. However, this is not a guarantee all individual carriers will allow usage. Please feel free to verify with your chosen carrier 48 hours prior to your designated flight as airline policies can/may change. 

Yes, the Transcend battery can be recharged with the AC power supply or mobile power adapter while you are using your Transcend miniCPAP. The Transcend Portable Solar Battery Charger will also recharge Transcend batteries, but it cannot be used while the battery is powering the miniCPAP device. 

Note: The Transcend 365 miniCPAP devices and P10 battery are not tested for use with the DC mobile power adapter or Transcend solar battery charger. The 365 minCPAP AC power supply may be used in line with these products.


Can this battery be recharged with solar power?
Yes, Transcend makes a portable solar charger that is compatible with this battery however it is through AC power, not DC. 

Can this battery handle any outdoor temperatures?
For the most part. The battery's performance may deteriorate in extreme temperatures.


*Return on warranty issues only
Technical Data
Machine Weight
0.6 lbs
9 months
Item Includes

1 x P10 CPAP Battery


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