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HDM Z1 AC Power Supply

Model: HD60-6010
HDM Z1 AC Power Supply
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$73.95   $59.00

No Prescription Required

AC Power Supply for Z1 Travel CPAP Machine

The AC Power Supply unit operates the Z1 CPAP Machine and is the power source that supplies the device with wall outlet power.

Key Features

  • 6 Foot Cord Length
  • Supply Cord is Nearly 4 Feet Long

Reviewers Tip:

The AC Power Supply will only work with the Z1 Travel Machine, and does not come with any other product or accessory.

Introducing the Z1 CPAP Machine with PowerShell and Overnight Battery


I thought the Z1 was a battery operated device: why is there a power cord for it?

The Z1 can be operated by battery power, but is built to be operated with a power cord. The power cord will be useful on longer trips, where you won't want to worry about charging your battery.


SKU: 759