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BPS DC Cable
Model: BPS DC Cable

BPS DC Cable
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Travel With Your CPAP

The DC to DC Cable for the C-100 Travel Battery Pack is made by Battery Power Solutions. This cable enables you to re-charge your CPAP battery remotely, for situations in which you do not have access to a traditional power outlet. This package includes the DC cable only, and does not come packaged with the battery pack.

Recharge Your CPAP Battery

This DC Cable is intended for use in conjunction with the C-100 Battery Pack. The Battery Pack enables you to remotely power your CPAP machine for an entire night, a convenient supply for patients on the go. The DC Cable will connect your battery pack to a cigarette style socket, which outlets that are commonly found in cars and boats.

Charging the Battery

In order for the battery to charge properly, you will need a minimum of 12.6V of power. To get the requisite power from a motor vehicle, the vehicle will need to be running while the battery is recharging. From zero power, you can expect your battery to completely recharge in four to five hours.

Key Features

  • Charges Your Battery in 4-5 Hours
  • Plugs Into Car Cigarette Sockets
  • Charges C-100 Battery Remotely

Reviewers Tip:

With a 150W Inverter, you can recharge your battery without needing to turn your car on.

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Why can't I charge my battery if the car is off?

Insufficient power: the cable requires a certain amount of energy transmission from the vehicle, which can only be supplied while the car is on.



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