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CPAP Machine Rental

At RespShop, we understand that patients sometimes need a CPAP machine for a relatively short period of time. Whether you're going on vacation or just have a damaged machine, there are times when you need a CPAP but don't want to buy a new device. For all of those situations, we have you covered with our brand new CPAP machine rental program.

If you would like to rent a CPAP machine, we offer you the opportunity to rent either an automatic machine, a fixed-pressure CPAP, or a bi-level device for a period of thirty-five days. Each machine will feature brand new tubing and filters, free of charge, and we guarantee that your machine will be hygienically sanitized prior to shipping it to you. Additionally, each machine will come with a heated humidifier for your comfort.

Machines are rented in periods of thirty-five days. If you would like to extend your rental, you can simply purchase another thirty-five day period: regardless of how often you choose to rent your machine, you will only have to pay our deposit one time. For more on our CPAP rental policy, check out our program below.

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CPAP Machine Rental
CPAP Machine Rental
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