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Respironics Plateau Exhalation Valve

Model: 302312
Respironics Plateau Exhalation Valve
Respironics Plateau Exhalation Valve
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Respironics Plateau Exhalation Valve

Respironics has developed a multi-patient exhalation device that ensures a proper continuous leak path in your circuit when paired with the CPAP and bi-level systems.

Key Features

  • Prevents CO2 Re-Breathing - Unique design is able to correct CO2 retention efficiently, preventing CO2 re-breathing
  • Durable Construction - Constructed of quality materials to ensure long lasting performance
  • Lightweight - The PEV will not inhibit your mobility while you sleep, giving you freedom of movement

Reviewers Tip:

At low CPAP pressures the air flow through the exhalation port may not be sufficient to clear out the exhaled gas from the mask. It is possible you may re-breathe in some of your exhaled air.


Can I use this product if I'm pregnant?

It is recommended you speak with your doctor as the product may contain chemicals (phthalates), which could potentially cause adverse side effects.

How do I clean my valve?

You should disassemble your valve as outlined in the manual and wash it with warm water and mild detergent. Air dry but do not place the valve in direct sunlight.

When do I need to replace the diaphragm for my PEV?

Respironics recommends you replace it every 6 months.


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