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ResMed Vent Cover for Ultra Mirage & Ultra Mirage II

Model: 16575
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$8.50   $4.99

No Prescription Required

Replacement Vent Cover for CPAP Mask

This is the replacement vent cover for the ResMed Ultra Mirage and Ultra Mirage II Nasal CPAP Masks. The vent cover covers the exhalation vent on the Ultra Mirage line of masks. If you've damaged or lost your vent cover, you may be harming the quality of your therapy, and you will need a replacement.

Key Features

  • Convenient Replacement
  • Snaps on Easily
  • Covers Vent Effectively
Reviewers Tip:

The vent cover is not compatible with the Ultra Mirage Full Face CPAP Mask: it is only built for the nasal Ultra Mirage.

Attachment Instructions:

To attach the vent cover, simple press the vent cover around the vent until it snaps on.


Will this work for all CPAP masks?

No, the vent cover has been built for the Ultra Mirage Series specifically. It will not work with other masks.

Will this work for both the Ultra Mirage I and the Ultra Mirage II?

Yes, it is compatible with both masks.

Does this come with any other accessories?

No, this is just the mask ventilation cover. It does not come with a CPAP mask, or any other accessories or attachments.


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