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ResMed Forehead Dial for Micro, Activa LT & Quattro Full Face Mask

Model: 61289
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ResMed Forehead Dial for Mirage Micro , Mirage Activa LT and Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask

The ResMed Forehead Dial is structured to provide an easy and simple way of fitting your CPAP mask. With 24 different size settings, you can easily adjust the headgear to find the perfect level of stability that you find comfortable.

Key Features

  • 24 different size settings
  • Easy to Use
  • Enhanced Durability

Reviewers Tip:

The dial has 24 sizing options that can fit a variety of facial widths and sizes easily.

Quattro FX Cleaning Guide


What CPAP masks is the forehead dial compatible with?

The dial is compatible with the Mirage Micro, Mirage Activa LT and Mirage Quattro Full Face Masks.


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