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ResMed Headgear for Pixi Pediatric CPAP Nasal Mask

ResMed Headgear for Pixi Pediatric CPAP Nasal Mask

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Replacement Headgear for the Number 1 Pediatric CPAP Mask

The ResMed PIXI Pediatric CPAP Mask is the number one (#1) mask for children available on the market. This is the replacement headgear available for that mask. Designed with children in mind, the PIXI Headgear provides comfort for young children ages 2 and up, allowing for size adjustments as the children get older and continue to grow.

Adjustment Points

There are three different adjustment points, at the top, side, and bottom that allow the care giver to change the sizes as facial structures change during a child's growth. The adjustment points are located out of the child's view so that an adult can be the primary person in charge of changing the head gear, which minimalizes potential tampering with the straps by the child.

Eliminates Obstruction

PIXI Headgear was created to sit away from a child's ears, and more importantly their eyes, reducing irritation on the face and eliminating obstruction. As the face grows, the headgear can be adjusted to continue to provide comfort and stay out of those irritating focal points. This provides a clear line of site for the child during CPAP therapy.

Key Features

  • Three (3) adjustment points - Top, side, and bottom of the headgear allowing you to adjust at different spots as the child gets older
  • Quick release and emergency latches - Headgear can be quickly removed if the need were to arise
  • Comfortable design - Does not touch the ears or eyes reducing irritation for young children

Reviewers Tip:

This CPAP mask and headgear works great for children of all ages! Children are constantly growing as they age, but the PIXI Pediatric CPAP headgear has three different adjustment points so you can change at different spots, and more importantly, different times as the child's facial structures, and size, continue to grow.

How to? Step by Step Instructions for Attaching the Pixi Headgear

  • Step 1 - Attach the lowest head gear arm with the star onto the frame node that has two stars, nestling the frame between the plastic and padding of the head gear
  • Step 2 - Gently pull the arm of the headgear into the place until you hear the click


My child likes to fidget with his CPAP machine and the headgear, so I need something that won't allow him to change the mask in the middle of the night, are the adjustment points easy to reach?

The ResMed PIXI headgear is designed so that the adjustment points are out of sight from the child, which will help minimalize any tampering with the product during their therapy. The headgear was created so that adults or primary caregivers are the only people who can change and adjust the size for the child.

What is the recommended age range for the ResMed PIXI CPAP Mask?

Ages two and up! The headgears size can change as the child grows, reducing the need to purchase new masks of different sizes on a routine basis.

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