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Fisher & Paykel Zest/Zest Q Nasal Mask Headgear

Model: 400HC314, 400HC316
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No Prescription Required

Replacement Headgear for Fisher & Paykel Zest & Zest Q CPAP Mask

This is the replacement headgear piece for the Fisher and Paykel Zest Nasal CPAP Mask. The Zest's headgear attachment comes in a standard size that fits most patients and a petite option that fits people with smaller facial structures.

Replacement Headgear

This headgear piece is intended as a replacement for your current headgear. Headgear needs to be replaced a couple of times over the life of your CPAP mask, so if your straps have lost some of their elasticity, it may be time to replace your headgear.

Crown Shaped Headgear

The Zest's headgear attachment is crown shaped and features straps that wrap above and below your ears on each side. The straps are easy to attach to the mask and can be taken off in just a second, even at night.

Key Features

  • Two Sizes
  • Compatible with the Zest and Zest Q Mask
  • Easy Attachment

Reviewers Tip:

The petite sized headgear is only compatible with the Zest Petite and Zest Q Petite masks.


Is this compatible with the Zest Q mask?

Yes, each mask uses the same headgear attachment.

How often does headgear need to be replaced?

At Respshop, we recommend replacing your headgear every three months or so. Depending on the condition of your headgear and how well you've cared for your mask, you may be able to use your headgear for longer than that recommendation.

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