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ResMed Swift FX for Her Headgear and Swift FX Bella Loops Combo Pack

Model: 61580
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Headgeaer Assembly for CPAP Mask

This package includes the headgear and assembly for the Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask, including the Bella Loops. Included are two bella loops, buckles, soft sleeves, the headgear assembly, and two soft straps.


The headgear assembly comes with everything you need for your Swift FX for her's headgear attachment. Featuring the Bella loops, the buckles, soft sleeves, soft straps, and the silicone headgear piece, the combo pack includes everything you'll need if you've lost or damaged part of your mask.


This combo pack is compatible with the ResMed Swift FX for Her Nasal CPAP mask. It is also compatible with the regular Swift FX CPAP mask and the FX Bella. All are ResMed items.

Key Features

  • Convenient Accessories
  • Items Attach Easily
  • Aesthetic Pink Trim

Reviewers Tip:

These accessories, while compatible with both masks, are intended primarily for the For Her model. The size and color scheme was designed to match the For Her.

Mask Fitting Guide and Overview


  • Is this compatible with the Swift FX Bella?
    • Yes, this is also compatible with ResMed's Swift FX Bella.
  • Does this come with the nasal pillow?
    • No, the only items included are the headgear attachments.

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