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ResMed Headgear for Swift LT Nasal Pillow Mask

Model: 60578
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ResMed Headgear for Swift LT Nasal Pillow Mask

ResMed's headgear fits both the Swift LT and Swift LT for Her Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask. The headgear itself provides unparalleled customization and support allowing you to personalize your headgear to suit your particular needs.

Versatile Customization

The Swift LT utilizes a rotating barrel in order to adjust the pillow angle. This rotating barrel provides unmatched versatility so you can find the perfect angle for your nasal pillow. Furthermore there are two expandable stability arms able to accommodate nearly all facial widths, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Key Features

  • Expandable Stability Arms
  • Rotating Barrel

Reviewers Tip:

Remember the stabilizer arms are expandable!

General Cleaning Tips


Are the nasal pillows adjustable?

Yes with the unique rotating barrel the nasal pillow angles are adjustable

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