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ResMed Headgear for Ultra Mirage CPAP Full Face Mask
Model: 60674

ResMed Headgear for Ultra Mirage CPAP Full Face Mask
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No Prescription Required

Replacement Headgear for Full Face CPAP Mask

This is the replacement headgear for your Ultra Mirage CPAP Full Face Mask. It comes in a standard size that is meant to fit most faces.

The Headgear

The Ultra Mirage comes with a dual-strap, wraparound headgear design. The headgear features a clip that ensures that the mask's cushion is easy to apply and remove from the frame.

Key Features

  • Crown Shaped Design
  • Attaches Easily to Your Mask
  • Identical to Original Headgear Piece

Reviewers Tip:

Headgear clips are not included.

ResMed Mirage Softgel: Guide to easy Usage and Care



How long should this piece of headgear last?

At Respshop, we reccomend using headgear for about three months before replacing it. Elastic and velcro will lose their tightness and bond over time, so you'll want to replace it every few months to prevent leaks.

Do I need headgear to operate the Ultra Mirage?

If you want to receive effective therapy from your Ultra Mirage CPAP Mask, yes, you'll need the headgear.

Does the headgear come with clips?

Clips must are sold separately.  2/pk item #16569, 10/pk iem #16734


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