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Hybrid Mask Headgear Replacement

Hybrid Mask Headgear Replacement


  • No Prescription Required

Hybrid Mask Headgear Replacement with Five Adjustable Points

This headgear is designed to fit with the Hybrid CPAP Full Face Mask. The ergonomic design forgoes bothersome forehead and chin straps in favor of a less intrusive, comfortable fit. Take advantage of the five adjustable strap points for a secure, stress-free sleep.

Key Features

  • Fully Adjustable - five points of adjustment means a perfect fit
  • User Friendly - headgear easily connects to mask for hassle-free use

Reviewers Tip:

Adjust each strap bit by bit for a comfortable, even fit.

Hybrid Mask Fitting Tips


Is this product compatible with my hybrid mask?

This headgear replacement is specifically designed for the Salter Labs Hybrid CPAP Full Face Mask .

Are the straps adjustable?

Yes; the Hybrid Mask Headgear Replacement features five points of adjustment for a custom fit.

Model HYB530
SKU: 481