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SleepWeaver 3D Nasal PAP Mask - without Headgear

Model: 101496
SleepWeaver 3D Nasal PAP Mask - without Headgear SleepWeaver 3D Nasal PAP Mask - without Headgear
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The replacement SleepWeaver 3D Nasal mask frame without headgear is soft, light, and quiet.  It is easy to fit with no skin irritation, and  comfortable seal on most face types.  The SleepWeaver 3D mask is made of durable cloth material, easy to clean and economical.  

The SleepWeaver 3D Nasal mask frame is one size fits most.  It is composed of mask frame,  and non-removable swivel, with blue cloth and white interface material.  The exhalation valve or cluster of holes located on both sides of the swivel allows the quiet escape of our CO2.  

  • Best Seal - new and more flexible elastic mask material
  • Rounded Edge Headgear Straps - reduce strap marks
  • Allows Eye Glasses - CPAP users can wear eye glasses for reading, watching TV while wearing your 3D SleepWeaver Mask
  • Wing with two headgear connection slots
  • Soft Cloth - eliminates the need for a cushion or nasal pad

Fitting instructions:
  • Connect the hose to the mask swivel.  For better comfort, try the optional SleepWeaver Featherweight hose extension.
  • For a proper seal, push the white fabric down into the mask with your fingers.  Adjust the mask side-to-side to optimize fit and eliminate leaks.
  • Hose can be worn over the chest, on the side, or over the head

  • Hand wash with warm water and mild, non-abrasive soap
  • You may also rinse with mouthwash
  • Air dry, never use a clothes dryer


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