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Respironics OptiLife Mask Sub-Assembly Kit

Model: 1036819
Respironics OptiLife Mask Sub-Assembly Kit
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$46.00   $25.00

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OptiLife Nasal Pillow Mask Sub-Assembly

The OptiLife Nasal Pillow Mask Sub-Assembly Kit includes the frame, and tube. The pillows/cradles or headgear is not included in this package. Respironics designed the OptiLife with lightweight materials, a flexible tube, quiet exhalation ports, minimal parts, and a rotating cushion to provide superior seal and comfort.

Minimal Design

The minimalistic design of the OptiLife enables a clear line of sight, providing you with uninterrupted vision for your night time routines. Whether you prefer reading, or watching TV you can do what you want without feeling claustrophobic. The OptiLife is able to maintain the integrity of the seal even without a forehead support, giving you the best of both worlds.

Flex Tube

The Flex Tube connects the mask and long hose ensuring a greater range of motion, thereby significantly reducing the chance of seal disruption. The Flex Tube is 15mm wide and has a length of 18 inches.

Quiet Exhalation Ports

A series of tiny holes actively diffuses air away from you and partner, while simultaneously reducing noise and potential CO2 build-up.

Rotating Cushions

You can easily adjust the angles of the cushion to find the most comfortable fit and position for you. This increases comfort while simultaneously providing you with a leak free CPAP therapy experience.

Key Features

  • Clear Line of Sight - Fewer parts enables clear line of sight for your night time routines
  • Flex Tube - Ensures a greater range of motion reducing the chance of seal disruption
  • Rotating Cushions - Adjust angle of cushion to find the best fit and eliminate mask leaks
  • Quiet Exhalation Ports - Significantly reduces noise and C02 washout while directing air away from face

Reviewers Tip:

The sub assembly does not include the cushion or the headgear -- those parts must be purchased separately.

Introduction of the OptiLife


How often should I clean the mask and its components?

You should wash the mask daily after every use in order to extend the life of your parts.

Do I need a special cleaning solution for maintaing my mask?

No, simply use warm water and a mild detergent and air dry the components out of direct sunlight.

Does this sub assembly kit include a cushion?

No it does not include a cushion. The cushion and headgear must be purchased separately.



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