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ResMed Swift LT CPAP Mask Frame Assembly Kit

ResMed Swift LT CPAP Mask Frame Assembly Kit

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Swift LT Nasal Pillow Mask Assembly Kit

The Swift LT Nasal Pillow assembly includes the mask, S, M, L Pillow Cushions, and a short tube assembly. There are several features that make the Swift LT unique, such as air vents that reduce noise significantly, a frame you can fold for traveling, dual wall pillows to ensure comfort and stability, an easy fit process, and fewer parts to disassemble for maintenance. These features combine to provide you a lightweight mask that brings comfort and quality to the forefront of your therapy. The kit is compatible with both the regular and the For Her Mask.

Incredibly Quiet

The air vents are placed on the frame instead of the cushion, reducing noise significantly and dispersing air away from you and your bed partner. The Swift LT is nearly twice as quiet as the original Swift and 71% quieter than the Swift II.

Lightweight and Portable

The Swift LT boasts a compact frame, and is half the size of both previous Mirage Swift designs. Traveling with the Swift LT is easy and hassle free because it folds up, saving you space you may need for other objects. The frame weighs a mere 2.3oz which makes it barely noticeable during therapy, and will not weigh you down when you are on the move. If you watch TV or prefer reading during your night time routine, the Swift LT will not obstruct your vision.

Superior Pillows

A dual-wall design ensures stability and comfort during your CPAP therapy. With an additional flexible pillow base, the cushion is able to adapt to various movement throughout the night without compromising the quality of your seal.

Simple Fitting Process

Fitting is done through the adjustment of Velcro straps (must be purchased separately) and there is no need for daily readjustment. There are 4 pillow sizes to choose from: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large, and fitting the pillows onto the frame is quick and easy.

Simple Maintenance

The Swift LT is constructed with a few parts providing you with a hassle free way of assembling and disassembling your mask. Daily maintenance is made significantly easier with less parts, and replacing parts is just as simple.

For Her

This frame assembly is also compatible with the ResMed Swift LT For Her mask.

Key Features

  • Whisper Quiet - Air vents located on the frame reduce noise and disperses air away from you
  • Portable and Lightweight - Weighing only 2.3oz, the frame can easily fold for travel
  • Superior Pillow Design - Dual wall design ensures a stable fit and comfortable feel
  • Easy Fit Process - Velcro straps for easy fitting negates dailiy readjustment
  • Hassle Free Maintenance - Fewer parts makes disassembly and reassembly easy
  • For Her - Compatible with the Swift LT For Her mask

Reviewers Tip:

It is important to know that the velcro retainer is an optional item and is not included with the assembly kit.


Does this come with the Headgear?

No it does not, the Velcro Straps must be purchased separately.

How often should I wash the parts of my mask?

It is highly recommended you wash it daily in order to clean off any foreign particles and bacteria./p> Do I need a special cleaning solution to wash the frame?

Simply wash the components in warm water with a mild detergent. Leave the parts out to air dry and


Model 60585, 60582, 60583, 60584
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