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ResMed Mirage Vista Assembly Kit - Deep

Model: 60929, 60930
ResMed Mirage Vista Assembly Kit - Deep
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Mirage Vista Assembly Kit

The Mirage Vista assembly kit includes mask cushion, elbow assembly, and inlet tube with swivel assembly. Please note the headgear is not included. ResMed's Vista is designed to deliver optimal comfort and superior therapy with its unique dual layer cushion, flexible 360 degree single snap elbow, and minimalistic design that does not inhibit vision.

Dual Layer Cushion Design

A dual layered cushion design actively works to ensure a superior seal and a comfortable fit. The inner layer provides solid support and stability while the outer layer reduces masks leaks and prevents pressure leaks with its soft silicone membrane. When air flows the mask inflates and forms a seal which prevents the need for over-tightening the headgear. You can easily attach the cushion to the frame without the need of a clip.

Single Snap 360 Elbow

A quickly removable elbow enables you to detach and reattach without removing your mask. The elbow is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees which minimizes leaks and significantly reduces tension from the headgear.

Minimalistic Design

The Vista requires no forehead support which provides a clear line of sight for any of your night time routines. Your vision will remain unhindered during your CPAP therapy.

Key Features

  • Dual Layer Cushion Design - Uses two cushion layers to provide superior seal and fit
  • Single Snap 360 Elbow - Detach and reattach elbow without removing your mask
  • Minimalistic Design - No forehead support enables clear line of sight for night time activities

Reviewers Tip:

The Vista is great for people who generally sleep on their sides. A forehead support is not included with the Vista which enables an easier side sleeping experience, however the Vista still provides optimal stability without the support.

Nasal Mask Fit Guide


How often should I wash my mask?

It is strongly recommended that you wash your mask daily after every use.

Do I need to use a special cleaning solution for maintenance?

No, simply wash your mask and its components in warm water with a mild detergent and air dry, but out of direct sunlight.

Is a cushion included with a purchase of an assembly kit?

Yes a corresponding cushion of the same size is including in the purchase of the assembly kit.



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