ResMed Mirage Swift II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Frame System

ResMed Mirage Swift II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Frame System

Model: 60537, 60538, 60539
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Mirage Swift II Nasal Pillow Frame System - Components/Spare Parts

The Swift II Nasal Pillow frame system includes the mask frame, pillow cushion, and short tube assembly. The Swift II utilizes advanced technology such as flexible pillows that provide comfort and a quality seal, air vents that significantly reduce noise, fewer parts that make maintenance a breeze, and hassle free fitting to provide you a comfortable and effective therapy experience.

Whisper Quiet

The air vents are placed on the frame rather then the cushion which provides a significantly quieter CPAP therapy experience, whilst dispersing air away from you. The Swift II is 86% quieter than the original Swift which enables you to sleep soundly in a quiet environment.

Superior Pillow Design

ResMed has improved their pillow design by exhaustively studying the vast range of nasal and facial features using anthropometry. These comprehensive studies has ensured a noticeable improvement in the design of the pillows, enabling a better seal and improved comfort. Furthermore the pillows, pillow sleeve, and the neck are extremely flexible. This results in a far more comfortable fit and a superior seal that maintains its integrity throughout therapy. All pillow sizes are in fact compatible with the frame, and the assembly kit includes a set of pillows.


Portability is key and weighing at a mere 2.5oz you can take the Swift II anywhere you go. The pillow also folds up, enabling a hassle free traveling experience that minimizes the space your mask takes up. Minimal obstructions enable a clear line of sight so you can continue with your night time routine such as reading, or watching TV.

Adjustable Angle

ResMed's adjustable rotating pillow sleeve empowers you to choose the best angle suited to your unique facial features. This creates an ideal comfort zone personalized to your face and maintains an optimal seal for you throughout the night.

Easy Maintenance

With minimal moving parts, assembly and disassembly is hassle free and easy. This makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze enabling you to quickly wash the parts you need, extending the life of your mask.

Easy Fitting

The Swift II requires one initial fitting and can be subsequently used without Velcro or clips, there is no need for daily readjustment.

Key Features

  • Whisper Quiet - Air vents on frame significantly reduce noise and disperse air
  • Superior Pillow Design - Extensive research produces substantially better support and comfort
  • Portability - Weighs only 2.5oz and can be folded into travel bag
  • Adjustable Angle - Adjustable rotating pillow to improve comfort and optimize therapy

Reviewers Tip:

If you have a thick mustache you may find this device uncomfortable because the pillow barrel rests directly against your philtrum (area between the nose and above the lip) and thus may be uncomfortable.


How often should I clean my mask and parts?

It is highly recommended you clean your mask daily after every use.

Do I need a cleaning solution?

No, simply wash the parts in warm water with a mild detergent and air dry the parts. Do not air dry in direct sunlight.

Is a cushion included with the purchase of the assembly kit?

Yes a pillow is included with your purchase of the assembly kit.


Model 60537, 60538, 60539
HCPCS Code A7034
Mirage Swift II Frame System includes frame, cushion of selected size, and short tube
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