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ResMed Mirage Micro CPAP Mask Assembly Kit (w cushion)

ResMed Mirage Micro CPAP Mask Assembly Kit (w cushion)

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Mirage Micro Assembly Kit

The Mirage Micro Assembly Kit includes the cushion, mask, headgear clips, MicroFit Dial, Forehead Pad, Elbow and Hose Swivel, and Port Caps. The Micro utilizes the MicroFit forehead support system along with some innovative design features to ensure a comfortable fit and a superior seal quality.

Dual Wall Cushion

A dual wall cushion from ResMed actively reduces red marks and pressure points by evenly distributing pressure across the cushion. This provides you a far more comfortable fit than most other nasal cushions.

Quick Clips

Quick clips enable you to remove the mask from the headgear without the need to readjust the fit of your headgear later on. This enables you to get up and go quickly and return to your mask without worrying about finding your perfect fit again.

Minimalistic Design

A minimal design ensures a clear line of sight which enables you to continue with your night time routines. You can read, watch tv, or do whatever it is you prefer without visual obstruction. The fewer parts also enable an easier cleaning process ensuring hassle free maintenance for the life of your mask.

Superior Air Diffusion

Exhalation ports actively reduce noise and disperse air away from your face. A circular design enables the Micro to provide excellent diffusion and noise reduction.

MicroFit Dial

ResMed's MicroFit dial enables you to find the perfect fit for you by offering 24 incremental adjustable positions. The MicroFit dial moves the forehead support and dual wall cushion in synchronized fashion when the dial is turned. This enables you to have a hassle free first time fitting and pro-actively prevents over tightening of headgear.

Key Features

  • Dual-Wall Cushion - Evenly distributes pressure across the cushion reducing red marks and pressure points
  • Quick Clips - Remove mask from headgear without needing to re-adjust the fit of your headgear
  • Minimalistic Design - Fewer parts equal easier maintenance and clear line of sight
  • Superior Air Diffusion - Circular design diffuses air away from your face and reduces noise
  • MicroFit Dial - 24 incremental adjustable positions to find the perfect fit

Reviewers Tip:

The Micro comes in a kids size that is available for children who require CPAP therapy. The size kids and the size small have identical frames and the cushions are interchangeable. Other cushion sizes however are not compatible with the kids size and small size frames.

How to Clean Your Mask


How often should I clean my mask?

You should clean your mask after every use in order to extend the life of your mask.

Do you need a cleaning solution for your mask?

No, simply wash your mask in warm water with a mild detergent and air dry but not in direct sunlight.

Is a cushion included with the purchase of the assembly kit?

Yes a cushion of a corresponding size to your assembly kit is included in your purchase.


Model 16378, 16379, 16380, 16381, 16382
HCPCS Code A7034, A7035, A7032
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