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ResMed Mirage Liberty Mask Frame

Model: 61318, 61319, 61320, 61321, 61322, 61323
ResMed Mirage Liberty Mask Frame
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Mirage Liberty Mask Frame

The mask frame for the ResMed Mirage Liberty mask provides a clear line of sight, a lightweight design, and stability without the need for a forehead support. It is due to the unique fusion of a full face mask and nasal pillow design, that enables the Mirage to deliver comfort and performance. The assembly kit includes a mask, cushion, and a pillow. Headgear should be purchased separately.

Dual Wall Cushion with Pillows

The combination of a dual wall cushion and pillow provides the best of both worlds. This combination of pillow and cushion ensures an optimal seal and adaptability for differing angles and nasal shapes. The synchronized technology eliminates need of chinstrap or additional support as the cushion accommodates for jaw movement. An innovative pillow design incorporates trampoline technology for an optimal seal that maintains its integrity throughout the night.

Minimal Contact

The Mirage Liberty eliminates the need for a forehead support and nasal bridge, which translates into a freedom most full face masks cannot offer. You can wear glasses, watch tv, or read a book all without your vision being inhibited. Minimal contact also means no nasal bridge sores and the reduction of air leaks.

Whisper Quiet Ventilation

The exhalation vents direct air away from you and your partner while simultaneously reducing noise and CO2 washout.

Fewer parts and Quick Release Elbow

Minimal parts translates into less hassle when you take apart the mask to clean or replace parts. A quick release elbow enables you to remove your mask quickly with no effort.

Key Features

  • Dual Wall Cushion with Pillows - Superior seal and stability for different angles and nasal types
  • Minimal Contact - Watch tv, wear glasses, or read a book without anything inhibiting your vision
  • Whisper Quiet Ventilation - Disperses air silently away from your face
  • Fewer Parts & Quick Release Elbow - Easy to assemble and disassemble, elbow detaches with ease

Reviewers Tip:

Mask Fit Guide


How do I clean my mask?

Wash the components in warm water and use a mild detergent if necessary. Hand wash the components and let the frame air dry, but not in direct sunlight.

Are any cushions included with the purchase of a frame?

Yes a corresponding mask cushion is included in the purchase of a frame.


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