Transcend Forehead Piece

Transcend Forehead Piece

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Replacement Forehead Piece for Travel CPAP Machine

This is the replacement forehead piece for the Trasncend Travel CPAP Machine. The machine is intended to be worn on top of your head, connected to the mask. The mask's connection features a forehead pad, and this attachment piece connects to that pad.

Key Features

  • Easy Connection
  • Durable Plastic Exterior
  • Compatible with the Transcend Travel Machine
Reviewers Tip:

If you've broken the plastic piece that attaches the Transcend's forehead pad to the mask itself, you'll need a replacement.

Transcend Travel CPAP Systems


Which machine does this forehead piece attach to?

It does not attach to any machines. It is a forehead attachment for a CPAP Mask.

Model 503037
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