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Respironics Gel Forehead Spacer for Profile Lite Mask

Model: 1004291, 1004292
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No Prescription Required

Gel Forehead Spacer for CPAP Mask

The Gel Forehead Spacer is a replacement forehead pad for the Respironics Profile Lite Gel mask. The spacer is available in both a small and a large size.


The smaller spacer is included with petite and small masks, and if you have one of these models, you should purchase a small replacement. The larger spacer is intended to work with medium and large sized Profile Lite masks.

Forehead Pad

The forehead pad attaches easily to the Profile Lite's headgear pad. The headgear has an attachment port on the center of your forehead, and the pad presses against your skin so you won't feel any irritation or pressure while you wear the mask.

Profile Lite CPAP Mask

The Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP mask uses gel cushions to provide a custom and ergonomic fit. The gel presses gently against your face, for a good seal that won't give you any facial blemishes. The gel forehead pad helps to relieve pressure at your nasal bridge.

Key Features

  • Relieves Nasal Pressure
  • Well Fitting Headgear
  • Aesthetic Blue Color

Reviewers Tip:

The gel forehead pad is comfortable, and it helps to relieve pressure on your nose.


Does the forehead pad come in a silicone model?

No, the pad is only in gel.

How should I clean the forehead pad?

Wash with warm water, a non-abrasive soap, and a soft cloth.


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