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ResMed AirFit N10 CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion Replacement

Model: 63241, 63240, 63242
ResMed AirFit N10 CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion Replacement ResMed AirFit N10 CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion Replacement ResMed AirFit N10 CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion Replacement
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No Prescription Required

Cushion for New AirFit Full Face CPAP Mask

This is the replacement cushion for the new AirFit CPAP mask from ResMed. Featuring Spring Air technology, this mask doesn't compromise on performance or comfort. It attaches to your mask easily, and will help you get an effective night of sleep apnea therapy.

Spring Air Technology

Like the normal cushion, the replacement was built with dual walled, Spring Air technology. The outer wall wraps around the outside of the cushion and attaches gently to your skin. The inner wall is a soft cushion that will fit comfortably to your face without leaving any red marks or facial irritation. The result is a well fitting cushion that seals effectively.

Replacement Cushion

This is intended to be a replacement cushion. Over time, cushions will wear out, become dirty, or get lost. When the time comes, you'll need a replacement. Fortunately, replacements for the AirFit F10 attach and detach easily for your convenience, allowing you to replace them quickly and clean them easily.

Key Features

  • Soft Cushion
  • Replaces Easily
  • Attaches Like New

Reviewers Tip:

Wash your cushions daily. This will reduce bacteria and extend the life of your cushion.

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How many sizes does this cushion come in?

Three: small, standard, and wide.

Is one of these sizes intended for the 'for her' model of the AirFit?

Yes, the 'small' is a for her cushion.

How should I clean my cushion?

At Respshop, we recommend that you use warm water, a non-abrasive soap, and soft cloth.

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