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Respironics OptiLife Nasal Pillow Replacement

Model: 1036838, 1036839, 1036840, 1036841
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Respironics OptiLife Nasal Pillow Cushion Replacement

With one of the most unique designs on the market, the Respironics OptiLife is a premier nasal pillow CPAP mask. With headgear that rests on the side of your head and out of your vision, the OptiLife is perfect for those who enjoy reading a book or watching tv before falling asleep while using their sleep apnea therapy device. Due to the design of the short hose, users wearing the Respironics OptiLife can enjoy expanded freedom of movement from other nasal pillow CPAP masks in its class. These are the extremely comfortable replacement cushions available in four different sizes.

Comfortable Nasal Pillow Cushion

Available in four different sizes, from petite all the way up to large, the OptiLife was designed to provide users with different facial structures a wider array of options when choosing the perfect fit of cushion. The more comfortable your cushion is, as well as the better the fit, the better your CPAP therapy will be. The cushions will sit comfortably in your nose and allow for different angles in roder to ensure that each user will receive optimal therapy.

Key Features

  • Four different sizes of cushion, petite, small, medium, and large providing versatility
  • 100 percent clear vision during use
  • Extremely quiet CPAP mask for peaceful sleep for you and your partner
Reviewers Tip:

During original purchase of the mask you receive all four cushion sizes, the replacements however are bought individually, so it is important to know what size works best for you when choosing your replacement cushion.

Optilife Nasal Pillow Cushion


How often should I clean my CPAP mask?

Daily! We recommend that at the very least you use warm water and a mild detergent every day on your mask, but there are a multitude of cleaning accessories available that will do a more thorough job.

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