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Devilbiss EasyFit CPAP Full Face Mask Silicone Cushion Replacement

Model: DV97410, DV97420, DV97430
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DeVilbiss EasyFit Silicone Cushion CPAP Full Face Mask

The EasyFit Silicone Cushion is a replacement cushion for the EasyFit mask from DeVilbiss. There are 3 possible cushions for your mask: Gel, SilkGel, or Silicone. Three different sizes are available for the Silicone cushion; small medium, and large.

Key Features

  • Quality Seal - The soft silicone construction creates an optimal seal that molds to your facial structure
  • Compatibility - The Silicone Cushion is able to act as a replacement for the EasyFit and Soyala CPAP masks
  • Multiple Sizes - 3 different sizes are available for you to choose from

Reviewers Tip:

If you find the cushion pressing uncomfortably against your face, or causing red marks, you may need to loosen the headgear straps. The cushion should fit comfortably on your face without excessive pressure.

Introduction to the EasyFit


I have a unique facial structure, will the cushion fit?

The Silicone cushion is designed to fit any facial structure and features unique nose-bridge flange that eliminates any leak issues around the eyes.

My mask is leaking what can I do?

Adjust the the straps on the headgear in order to ensure you have the right fit. The cushion should fit comfortably, not too loose or tight. If you still have issues adjust the cushion directly so it fits better.

How should I clean and maintain my mask?

In order to ensure longevity of your cushion you should use warm water and a gentle liquid soap. Hand wash your cushion and refrain from using any brush or harsh material as it can damage your cushion.

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