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Respironics Wisp Pediatric CPAP Nasal Mask Clips

Respironics Wisp Pediatric CPAP Nasal Mask Clips

Model: 1104974
  • No Prescription Required

Replacement Clips for Wisp Pediatrics Nasal CPAP Mask

This is a pack of two headgear clips that are compatible with the Wisp Pediatrics Nasal CPAP Mask. The clips will attach seamlessly to the mask, and are intended to be purchased as a replacement or spare set of clips for the Pediatric Wisp. The clips attach the headgear to the mask frame and is vital to have properly working clips to ensure a secure lock when the mask is being worn. The clips are compatible with every mask size.


Replacement Schedule


There is no set schedule for replacing these clips as they only need to be replaced if they break or if you lose them.

Key Features

  • Replacement Headgear Clips
  • Two Clips -- one per side -- Per Pack

Compatible with the Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask

Reviewers Tip:

These replacement clips are only compatible with the Pediatric Wisp; they are not intended for use with other CPAP masks. If you need the clips for the Adult Wisp then you will need to purchase the Standard Wisp Clips




Can I attach the clips myself?

Yes, the clips are simple to attach: simply slide them between the notch in the headgear and the hole in the outer portion of the mask frame for a reliable and secure fit.

Do I need to wash the headgear clips separately?

We recommend washing the clips with the rest of your mask: just rub warm and soapy water over the entire mask, clips included.

I lost one clip. Can I purchase just a single clip individually?

At this time, we only offer the clips in a pack of two.



Model 1104974
HCPCS Code E1399
SKU: 1067