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ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Cushion Clip

Model: 16674, 16675, 16676
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ResMed Ultra Mirage Cushion Clip

This cushion clip is intended to work soley with the ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask, and is a replacement part that will hold the full face mask cushion in place. Deisnged to fit specificially with the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask, this clip will not work with the Ultra Mirage Nasal CPAP Mask. Over time your CPAP mask will degeneriate from normal wear and tear, and replacing cushions and cushion clips are a less expensive way to lenghten the life span of your mask and reduce the need to buy a whole new mask.

Key Features

  • Lengthen the life span of your Ultra Mirage Full Face CPAP Mask
  • Inexpensive replacement piece
Reviewers Tip:

It is important to regularly clean your CPAP equipment, including the mask cushion, and take proper care of all of the aspects of your mask so that the equipment lasts longer and delivers better therapy.


Will this clip work with my ResMed Ultra Mirage Nasal mask?

No, this was intended to work solely with the Full Face Mask.

What is the benefit of replacing the clip?

If your clip breaks, rather than having to buy a whole new mask, you can purchase the replacement parts for much cheaper, and help lengthen the life span of your mask.


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