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ResMed Mirage Liberty and Quattro FX Mask Lower Clips

Model: 61353
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Clips for ResMed CPAP Masks

These are replacement clips for the lower part of two full face CPAP masks: ResMed's Mirage Liberty, and ResMed's Quattro FX.

Replacement Clips

Over time, clips can break or become damaged. Clips that don't tighten properly will lead to leaks and could eventually compromise the quality of your sleep apnea therapy.


The replacement clips are meant to attach to the lower straps of the Quattro FX's or Mirage Liberty's headgear strap. The clips snap easily into the outer membrane of the mask's cushion.

Key Features

  • Easy Replacement
  • Quick Adjustments
  • Effective Clasp

Reviewers Tip:

You won't need to replace your clips unless they are damaged or lost: normal wear and tear shouldn't be a problem for these accessories.

CPAP Mask Cleaning Guide


I've broken one clip: do I need to replace the clips on both sides of my mask?

No, you'll only need to replace the clip on the side that is broken.

What will happen if I don't have two working clips?

If you don't have two working clips for your Quattro FX or Mirage Liberty, you won't be able to fit your CPAP mask properly. The mask will be loose and won't seal effectively.


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