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Respironics EasyLife CPAP Mask with Headgear - Duo pack w/ Extra Cushion
Model: 1050005, 1050006, 1050007, 1050008, 1050009

Respironics EasyLife CPAP Mask with Headgear - Duo pack w/ Extra Cushion
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Respironics' EasyLife Offers an Innovative Approach to CPAP Nasal Masks

The ingenious, lightweight design features Respironics Auto Seal technology, making it very easy to get a no-fuss and comfortable fit. Also a unique dual-cushion support features a soft inner cushion that creates a flexible, self-adjusting seal around the nose, while the supportive outer cushion comfortably provides an additional level of stability.

Note: This package includes a mask and two cushions for impressive savings.


The unique inner seal cushion moves automatically to fit over the nasal area and instantly create a secure, comfortable self-adjusting seal.


The outer support cushion allows the mask to rest lightly and comfortably against the face. The cushion's built-in forehead pad adjusts automatically, eliminating a traditional fitting step.


Combined, the Auto Seal features make EasyLife the most intuitive mask. One that is easy to fit and easy to use, requiring minimal adjustments.

Key Features

  • Self-adjusting seal
  • Easy-fit support cushions
  • Intuitive design allows for a no-fuss fit

Reviewers Tip:

This nasal mask is extremely easy-to-use. The self-adjusting seal is a no-fuss solution to achieving a comfortable and secure seal.


How does the EasyLife compare to other nasal mask products?

Unlike most nasal mask products that use a forehead pad and arm, the EasyLife relies on its dual-cushion design to provide a soft foundation for the seal and support to virtually eliminate manual adjustments.

RX Required.

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