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Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit HC406 Petite CPAP Mask

Model: HC406A
30 Day Return
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$115.00   $61.95

Petite Sized CPAP Therapy Mask

The HC406 is designed for people with small faces and fine facial features. Patients with this type of face will enjoy the flexible headgear, comfortable cushions, and flexible tube.

Patented Headgear

The HC406 comes with a new 4-strap system that places straps above and below each ear. The new frame is less obtrusive and helps to evenly distribute pressure around your face while reducing pressure points.

Quiet CPAP Therapy

A new and improved ventilator that pushes air away from you and your partner. The ventilation holes are located on the elbow of the mask, and the device comes with a filter to help reduce noise.

Flexible Tube

The flexible tube on the HC406 allows you to toss and turn without instigating mask drag: you won't have to worry about compromising your therapy when you move around at night with Fisher and Paykel's excellently designed tube.

Key Features

  • Latex Free
  • Easy to Setup
  • Great for People With Fine or Slender Facial Features

Reviewers Tip:


Does this mask come in any other sizes?

Fisher and Paykel use this design in larger masks, but this particular product comes in only this one size. You may try HC405 masks at different sizes.

My device is leaking

You might need to tighten the straps. The HC406 is built for small faces, but is designed to fit a variety of facial shapes. You may need to play around with the straps to get a secure fit.

Does this device have the flexible swivel from previous models?

Yes, Fisher and Paykel use a flexible swivel on their CPAP masks.

RX Required.

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