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Devilbiss FlexSet Nasal CPAP Mask
Model: 9354G

Devilbiss FlexSet Nasal CPAP Mask
Devilbiss FlexSet Nasal CPAP Mask Devilbiss FlexSet Nasal CPAP Mask Devilbiss FlexSet Nasal CPAP Mask
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Customizable Nasal CPAP Mask

FlexSet CPAP Nasal Mask offers a bevy of customization options. The mask's tube can be worn over your head or down in a traditional manner, and the headgear's forehead pad can be moved around your face until you find the perfect fit. Additionally, the mask's silicone cushion can be replaced with a gel cushion if you don't like the fit or the texture of the silicone pad. Ultimately, DeVilbiss's FlexSet is unique in its ability to provide users a truly personal sleep apnea therapy program.

Silicone Cushion

Features a removable cushion that works to minimize and prevent leaks. The outer membrane presses gently against your cushion, which offers a traditional feel.

Configuration Options

With the ability to be configured into two different positions for your convenience, you'll have the option of wearing the Flexset traditionally, with the hose worn down from the mask across your chest. This configuration will give you 360 degree rotation. You can also opt to wind the tube over the top of your head for a more secure fit. If you're a side sleeper, you may favor the second option!

Interchangeable Cushions

Includes cushions compatible with several different masks. Each cushion will work with both the FlexSet and the DeVilbiss Serenity mask. Furthermore, the mask will accommodate a gel cushion for users who dislike the feel of the silicone texture.

Forehead Pads

The FlexSet's forehead pad can pivot, allowing you to choose where you want to place it on your forehead. The pad is made of DeVilbiss's soft, breathe-o-prene surface which will press softly against your forehead. The forehead pad allows you to position your headgear how you like, for a secure and durable fit that doesn't impair your face.

Key Features

  • Customize Every Aspect Of Your Mask
  • Soft Attachments
  • Control the Tightness

Reviewers Tip:

For people who like to sleep on their side, the over-the-head attachment may work better than the traditional configuration.

How long does it take to adjust the swivel option?

Not long. The mask comes with an additional clasp for your head, which can be attached to the headgear easily. From there, attaching the tube to the headgear is a breeze.

Does this mask come with gel cushions?

The Flexset comes with either the silicone or the gel. You have the option of purchasing either.

My mask is leaking:

If your FlexSet is leaking, make sure your forehead pad is positioned properly. Placing the forehead attachment too high or too low can disrupt the straps, which may in turn harm the quality of your seal.

RX Required.

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