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Respironics ComfortLite 2 Simple Cushion/Direct Seal Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Respironics ComfortLite 2 Simple Cushion/Direct Seal Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Model: 1030494, 1025127

Nasal Mask with Innovative Headgear

Get your CPAP mask away from your face with the Respironics ComfortLite 2. The ComfortLite features a large forehead pad that distributes pressure evenly around your head without leaving the red blotches and stretch marks commonly associated with CPAP therapy. The mask comes with three different styles of cushion, and an unobtrusive tubular and hose attachment.

Three Different Cushion Styles

The ComfortLite 2 features three different cushion designs: a pillow cushion, a simple cushion, and a direct seal cushion. The pillows cushion is a nasal pillow design, while the simple cushion is a small and short nasal cushion with a narrow edge that works well with users who wear facial hair. The direct seal cushion features a rounded designs that seals against your nostrils.

Flexible Headgear

The ComfortLite depends on the headgear for stability, yet it remains flexible. The headgear is adjustable in several different places, so you can customize your mask for a unique fit suited to your face. Additionally, the broad base of the cushion ensures that there won't be any forehead attachments or straps rubbing uncomfortably against your skin.

Above Head Hose Connection

Unlike most maks, the tube connects above your head. You won't need to worry about rolling on top of your hose or dislodging your mask with the ComfortLite 2.

Key Features

  • Halo Headgear
  • Sleep Friendly Fabric
  • Three Unique Nasal Pillow Options

Reviewers Tip:

The Respironics ComfortLite 2 offers multiple adjustment options so you can tailor your mask for a comfortable and therapeutic fit.

Relieving Pressure from the Top of Your Lip


When should I replace my headgear?

If you sense that your headgear is loose-fitting or worn out, it may time to replace it. As long as your seal remains effective, we don't recommend changing anything, but once it becomes compromised, you should start evaluating why.

Does this mask come with the forehead pad?

Yes, the forehead pad is part of the headgear, and is included with your purchase of the mask.

Can the straps be worn beneath the ears?

No, all headgear straps should be worn above the ears; otherwise, the forehead pad would drag down into your eyes.

Model 1030494, 1025127
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