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SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask

Model: 50835, 50836, 50837
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SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask SleepNet Mojo Full Face CPAP Mask
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SleepNet Mojo MAsk - Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear

Introducing the Mojo full face CPAP mask with adjusting headgear. The Mojo CPAP Mask comes with a gel cushion, a 360 degree rotating tube, functional headgear, magnetic clips that attach and detach easily, and a comfortable forehead pad for your convenience. Get a great night of sleep apnea therapy with SleepNet's Mojo Full Face mask.

Gel Cushion
The Mojo Gel Cushion Full Face CPAP mask features a contoured shell that models a human face. The shell bends inwards and outward for a comfortable fit, and with three available sizes, you'll be able to find a mask to suit your face perfectly that will feel like a custom fit. Great for patients with facial hair, the Mojo CPAP Mask's gel cushion provides a smooth surface that will help you get a comfortable night's rest. The cushion will cover your nose and mouth and will sit on the bridge of the nose.

Magnetic Clips
The unique Mojo CPAP Mask uses quick release magnetic clips to secure the mask straps. These magnetic clips are virtually foolproof. Simply connect one magnet to the other for a tight fit that will last all night. When you wake up, simply move the magnets apart. You will not have to force the straps off when you need to get up in the middle of the night, as the magnetic clips help to easily put on and take off the mask.

Ergonomic Headgear
SleepNet designed the headgear to be both functional and comfortable. The headgear wraps around your face with two straps on each side: one strap connects near your mouth to secure your seal and will strap to the center, while the top strap wraps around your forehead for stability, where again it will help stabilize the center of the mask. The forehead wrap comes with a gel forehead pad that helps to comfortably stabilize the mask.

Travel Friendly
The Mojo full face mask is designed with strong and durable materials built to withstand the rigors of the road. Weighting roughly a third of a pound, it's one of the lightest daily full face masks on the market.

Key Features

  • Comes in Three Sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • Ergonomic Oxygen Ports
  • Well Fitting Headgear

Reviewers Tip:

To check your size, simply download the printable full face mask size gauge.

Latex Free and FDA Approved
Compatible with all Positive Airway Pressure Devices

SleepNet Mojo CPAP Mask


I'm having trouble getting the mask to fit:

Try re-moulding it. Do NOT bend the pliable ring or nose clip: damaged rings and clips will compromise your seal.

I punctured the gel:

You will not be able to use your cushion any more. If your gel cushion is damaged, replace it: do not try to use tape or adhesive on it.

Can I wash this in the dishwasher?

At Respshop, we strongly recommend against washing gel masks in washing machines or dishwashers.

RX Required.

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by Ryan B Date Added: Thursday 03 July, 2014

My seal was pretty good compared to the other user. I will say its a pretty loud mask though compared to other masks, I think they need to redo where the air gets pushed out but my seal is good and its comfortable so I will keep using. Wife doesnt mind the sound so it isnt loud to the point where its disturbing her.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

by Robert L Date Added: Saturday 24 May, 2014

could not keep a seal. tossing and turning all night, it's not good. very loud and noisy.

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]

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