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Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face CPAP Mask
Model: 113485, 113486, 113487, 113488, 113489

Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face CPAP Mask
Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face CPAP Mask Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face CPAP Mask Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face CPAP Mask Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face CPAP Mask
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Ergonomic Full Face CPAP Mask

The second version of Hans Rudolph's V2 mask is a full face CPAP mask that comes without any forehead attachment. The mask frame and cushion are made of a clear, silicone rubber and the frame is designed to rest gently on your skin without causing any abrasions. The soft material gives the mask greater flexibility than the old model, allowing you the freedom to toss and turn without dislodging your seal.

New Headgear Design

Hans Rudolph built the V2 with an innovative headgear design. The new mask uses a nylon covered polyurethane foam strap and quick release clips. The clips slide easily into the mask frame and can be removed and applied in just a second. The V2 also includes a brand new Tri-Glide feature, which allows you to tighten or loosen the strap at the top of your headgear for an enhanced fit.


The V2 comes in five different sizes for your convenience: petite, extra small, small, medium, and large. The 'small' mask is the most popular size and fits more patients than any other size.

Please note:

The V2 runs 2 sizes larger than other masks.That makes our petite, extra small and small comparable to a traditional small, medium and large with our medium being similar to an XL and the large aligning with a bariatric mask. Currently Extra Small and Small are the current best seller in size.

Ventilation Ports

Hans Rudolph moved the venting ports off of the nasal bridge and re-positioned them above the anti-asphyxia valve, which directs air away from your body.

360 Degree Elbow Rotation

The 360 elbow rotation comes with a detachable swivel adapter that allows you to remove your CPAP hose in an instant. The tube's flexibility is ideal for patients who toss and turn at night; you'll be able to move around without dislodging your seal.

Key Features

  • Comfortable Full Face CPAP Mask
  • Airtight Seal
  • Multiple Sizing Options Available

Reviewers Tip:

Hans Rudolph has indicated that their 'small' mask is sized closer to a typical medium mask: the extra small and petite versions of the mask are intended for patients with very small facial structures, while the small itself is intended for a majority of patients.

5 sizes of Hans Rudolph Masks

Petite size mask is equal to a Small in competitors masks.

Extra-Small size mask is equal to a Medium in competitors masks.

Small size mask is equal to a Large in competitors masks.

Medium size mask is equal to an Extra Large in competitors masks if they have an XL size.

Large size mask is huge and does Not have an equal size from competitors masks.

Note: the cushion is built-in with the mask frame, there are no replacement cushions.

Hans Rudolph V2


How often should I clean my mask and accessory equipment?

At Respshop, we recommend that you clean your cushion and tubing every day. The headgear won't need to be washed as frequently, but for optimal hygienic conditions, should still be scrubbed regularly.

I wear a medium usually, but I find that it's a little too big. What size should I wear?

If a medium is slightly too big for you normally, we recommend going with the small version of the V2.

Is this mask lighter or heavier than the previous model from Hans Rudolph?

This mask is lighter.

RX Required.

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