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CPAP Machine Rental
Model: AutoRent, FixedRent, BiPAPRent, TravelRent

CPAP Machine Rental
CPAP Machine Rental CPAP Machine Rental CPAP Machine Rental
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Rent a Machine for Thirty-Five Days

There are many instances where renting a CPAP machine may be more beneficial than buying one. You may need a travel CPAP machine for a trip or a different CPAP machine to use as a placeholder while yours is repaired. You may simply want to try a unit out before committing to purchasing your own. No matter what your reasons are, you’ll find exactly what you need with the CPAP machine rental program from RespShop. We rent out fixed-pressure, auto, travel and bi-level CPAP machines for 35-day periods. Each one includes a flat rental fee and a refundable deposit that is used to cover accidental damage, if necessary. All of the rental CPAP equipment we offer has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. When you need to return your CPAP rental, simply ship it back using the included return UPS shipping label.

Key Features

  • Rent a CPAP machine for 35 days
  • Fixed-pressure, automatic and bi-level machines available
  • Sanitary equipment
Machine Type Cost Refundable Deposit Charge During Checkout
Fixed Pressure $119 $250 $369
Auto (Home Use) $149 $350 $499
Travel (Transcend Auto) * $169 $350 $519
BiPAP/BiLevel/VPAP $199 $450 $649


Rental Policy: offers this rental program for patients who want to use or try a machine over a limited period of time. Under our program, you pay the cost of a 35-day rental and will receive a machine for the duration of the trial period. The thirty-five day period begins the day after purchase.

After you have ordered a machine, we will send you one sanitized machine, with one new tubing, and one new filter. Starting the day after purchase, you will have thirty-five days to use and return the machine. If the machine is not received at our office on the 35th day of the rental period, we will apply an additional charge of 80% of the machine's retail value, minus the $250/350/450 deposit. If you would like to extend your trial, you may purchase additional rental periods. You will only be charged the deposit once.

We require a prescription for all CPAP machine rentals. If you have purchased a machine at before, please let us know, as we may already have your prescription on file. If not, you can fax it to us at 1-866-936-3730 or email us at [email protected] We must have a copy of your prescription before we ship your rental. Customers who have rented a machine are not eligible for our mask assurance return program on any CPAP mask purchased.


Can I pick which machine I rent?

There is one option available for each of the fixed pressure, automatic, and bi-level machines. Please contact our customer service department if you'd like to know the exact make and model.

Does this come with a heated humidifier?

Yes except travel CPAP rental.

Does this come with a mask?

It does not and, as outlined in our policy, our mask assurance program is not available for customers purchasing a CPAP rental.

Is this program available to customers in Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, it's available to customers in all fifty states.

How do I extend my rental?

In order to extend your rental by another 35 days, customers must call into customer service at 866-936-3754. You will be charged an additional 35 days worth at the cost of the machine you chose, but you will not be charged another deposit. You can not extend your rental period online.

Available Machines for Rent

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