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CPAP Machine Rental

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CPAP Machine Rental

Life is unpredictable sometimes. At RespShop, we understand that you can't always use your personal CPAP machine. Our sleep apnea machine rental program is perfect for people who need an additional machine for travel or for use while their personal machine is being repaired.

You can rent either an automatic machine, a fixed-pressure CPAP, or a bi-level device for up to 35 days. Each device shipment also includes a heated humidifier for your comfort, so you can continue to receive ergonomic air therapy regardless of the situation. If you're worried about sanitation, don't be. At RespShop, each of our rental machines and humidifiers are sanitized with innovative oxygen cleaning technology, and every order ships with brand new tubes and filters.

Trying a sleep apnea machine for the first time? Consider renting one from us while you get used to using it, then investing in a permanent machine that will best suit your needs. If you're a frequent traveler who often stays in a fixed spot for several weeks at a time, opt to rent one of our machines to prevent wear on a travel CPAP machine. If you decide you need more than 35 days for your rental, you may purchase an additional 35 days. Whether you rent a machine for one month or two, you only have to pay the security deposit once. requires a prescription for all CPAP rental machines and will not ship without one. If you have purchased a machine at before, we may already have your prescription on file. (Note: Customers who have rented a machine are not eligible for our mask assurance return program on any CPAP mask purchased.) For more on our CPAP rental policy, check out our program below.