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Transcend EZEX Portable CPAP Machine with Exhale Pressure Relief
Model: 503066

Transcend EZEX Portable CPAP Machine with Exhale Pressure Relief
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CPAP Travel Just Got More Comfortable

Light weight and easily portable, the Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP machine now comes with exhalation relief. The Transcend EZEX CPAP machine has been popular with travelers thanks to its light weight and portable design as well as its solar power options for its rechargeable batteries. Thanks to an updated design, the Transcend EZEX CPAP now comes equipped with exhalation relief for a better and more comfortable night's sleep. Universal power adapters (PSA2) are included with every purchase to ease the stress of international travel. The four (4) international adapters are interchangeable and will provide power compatibility for most countries. CPAP Masks are sold separately from all CPAP machines. As with all of the CPAP machines sold at Respshop we process all manufacturer's warranties and provide technical support through out the term. The warranty period for the Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP machine is two (2) years from the date of purchase.

EZEX - Exhalation Pressure Relief

As you breathe out, the incoming air flow pauses, starting again as you breathe. The EZEX feature helps to regulate a normal breathing pattern, reducing the pressure while exhaling.

Easy to use data interface

All Transcend EZEX CPAP's includes easy to install software for use on any PC computer (currently not Mac/OSX compatible), as well as a USB cord in order to transfer data from your machine. The patient and clinician software allows for the user to easily customize and analyze their own data for personal use or for their doctors.

Heated or Waterless Humidification

Available as a bundle or also sold separately, offers two humidification options for the Transcend EZEX CPAP, including a heated humidifier with a dishwasher save water chamber and a waterless humidifier . Both humidifiers are light weight and easy to travel with.


This Transcend CPAP used with a humdifier will add enough size to the machine and cause it to be similar to size of your standard home CPAP machine.

Key Features

  • Smallest Travel CPAP - Easily portable, reducing the stress of traveling with your CPAP machine
  • Versatile Battery Options - AC & Solar Charger options for charging batteries on the go
  • Humidification Options - Heated Humidifer or Waterless Humidifier options sold separately

Reviewers Tip:

The bottom of the machine houses an easily removable and cleanable filter. There is a push button tab near the power inlet that will detach the base from the machine. Remove the charcoal colored foam filter and proceed to clean the filter with a mild detergent and warm water for increased hygiene.

Video on how to setup your machine.

Default Settings:

  • Ramp: On
  • Ramp Time: 5 Mins
  • Ramp Start: 4cm
  • EZEX: Off

Transcend Backpack Solar Charger Travel Hiking Guide Tutorial


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Does Transcend EZEX come with a humidifier?

While there are two different options of humidifiers available , neither of them come with your purchase of the Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP machine. You have the option to purchase both types of humidifiers with the Transcend EZEX, in order to best fit your needs.

How can I view my information without an LCD screen?

The Transcend EZEX includes a USB cord and installation software allowing you to plug your machine directly into your computer to change your settings, save your information, and forward your results to your healthcare provider if necessary.

Can I charge the battery pack while it is connected to my Transcend?

Yes, the Transcend battery can be recharged with the AC power supply or mobile power adaptor while delivering therapy.  The Portable Solar Battery Charger will also recharge Transcend batteries, but it cannot be used during therapy.


The EZEX is a feature upgrade to the Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine. Have a look at some other travel friendly CPAP machines.



Return on warranty issues only.

RX Required.

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