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Respironics PR System One DS260 Plus CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier & Heated Tubing

Model: DS260HS, DS260TS, DS260S
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Respironics PR System One DS260 Plus CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier & Heated Tubing

Respironics REMstar System One integrates several intelligent technologies to develop a CPAP device that delivers exceptional performance without skimping on comfort. The REMstar is paired with a heated humidifier and humidity controls, unique C-Flex Technology, and a comprehensive humidification platform all designed to deliver the best CPAP performance.

C-Flex Technology

Respironics's C-Flex Technology enhances CPAP therapy by altering pressure to suit your needs and comfort. The system works by monitoring each one of your breaths and adjusting pressure based on your habits and tendencies. The result is a more comfortable respiration cycle for compliant therapy.

System One Humidity Control

An innovative heated tube connects to the System One Humidity Control that actively works to ensure proper humidification despite fluctuating ambient temperatures. You can rest easy knowing that the humidity levels will remain constant.

Whisper Quiet CPAP Therapy

CPAP devices tend to generate significant amounts of noise during the therapy process. Respironics addresses this issue pro-actively with WhisperSmart technology that minimizes the noise generated from the REMstar DS260 during operation. The REMstar ensures a quiet night of therapy for you or your bed partner.

Comprehensive Humidification

REMstar brings a comprehensive humidification platform designed to match your needs. A special humidity sensor is able to discern the changes in ambient air and adjust humidity accordingly thereby protecting you from rainout. You can easily select the humidity level best suited to your needs, with 5 different temperature settings at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • C-Flex Technology - Produces natural breath-by-breath patterns that enhances CPAP therapy and improves compliance by ensure comfortable pressures
  • System One Humidity Control - Actively controls humidity to ensure proper humidification despite fluctuating ambient temperatures
  • Whisper Quiet CPAP Therapy - Reduces noise significantly during operation of the REMstar DS260 providing a quiet night of sleep
  • Comprehensive Humidification - Special humidity sensor detects ambient air and adjust humidity accordingly protecting you from rainout
  • System One Resistance Control - Utilizes a unique numbering system to recognize the mask and compensate for it during CPAP therapy

Reviewers Tip:

The REMstar DS260 is capable of being paired with a BlueTooth Module for Respironics SleepMapper Self-Management System that connects to your smart phone device, delivering detailed analysis and actionable information and key points. This will provide you a more personalized CPAP experience suited to your specific needs.

Setting Up Your CPAP


How do I clean the water container?

  • Access the humidifier's water container port by lifting the lid slightly, the lid will stop at a 45 degree angle.
  • Pull out the container from the port
  • Pinch tab towards you
  • Lift the lid and remove
  • Wash with cleaning solution, rinse with warm water
  • Air dry
  • Place clips located on the back end of the lid to the back end of the container
  • Close the lid until it clicks into place
  • Slide water container back into the port and close the top lid of the humidifier

How do I increase the temperature of the heated humidifier?

  • Make sure the humidifier is attached to the machine
  • Turn the machine on with the main menu screen illuminated
  • Scroll using the dial highlighting the "Setup" option
  • Press the middle button on the dial to select the "Setup" menu
  • Scroll to the "humidifier" option and press the middle button again to access the temperature settings
  • Once the desired temperature is selected, exit setup by scrolling to the bottom of the menu and select "back"
  • Press this option using the middle button
  • You may now continue your therapy

How often should I change the standard Respironics filters?

We recommend that you change your filters every 3 months to ensure that your CPAP device will continue to run efficiently.

RX Required.

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