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Respironics PR System One DS150 REMstar DS150HS CPAP Machine with Humidifier

Model: DS150HS
Respironics PR System One DS150 REMstar DS150HS CPAP Machine with Humidifier
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Affordable CPAP Machine with noiseless motor and Humidity Control

The REMstar 150 is an affordable Phillips Respironics device loaded with features to help you get the sleep you need. Like many of PR's sleep apnea therapy devices, the REMstar 150 is among the quietest products on the market, and it comes with a number of convenient and easy to use features.

WhisperSmart Technology

The REMstar 150 comes with an industry standard noiseless motor, ensuring a quality night's sleep for you and your partner.

Humidity Control

Like most Phillips Respironics CPAP Machines, the REMstar 150 comes with several customizable and easy to set-up humidity settings. Choose from any one of the five available humidity settings, or turn humidity off entirely. Many users report that the humidity controls enhance their breathing capabilities while reducing rainout and nasal congestion.

Back-Lit LCD Control Screen

There's no bumbling around in the dark with this CPAP machine: LCD controls allow you to set the humidity, review sleep data, and even change languages with an adjustable, low intensity backlight.

Resistance Control

The System one Resistance Control optimally adjusts the pressure of whatever mask you use. Don't get rid of that dependable mask: keep the one you like with the REMstar 150, and let the device adjust to your mask.

Memory Storage

Like most of PR's sleep apnea devices, the REMstar 150 has superior memory capabilities. The SD Card, which comes with the device, will track your breathing patterns and preferred humidity settings for six months.


This CPAP machine comes with an adjustable ramp that self-regulates the pressure of the device as you sleep.

Drop Box Technology

Phillips Respironics Drop Box Technology controls the REMstar 150's fluids. The device automatically traps all water, preventing leaks and ensuring that your sleep apnea machine won't get water damage. Travel comfortably with the REMstar 150, knowing that the device will not leak in your bag, even when turned upside down.

Key Features

  • WhisperSmart Technology - Industry leading motor provides almost silent therapy
  • Humidity Control - Five available humidity settings for personalization, reduces common CPAP therapy irritations
  • System One Resistance Control - Adjusts pressure to whatever mask you use
  • Ramp Technology - Starts pressure at lower settings, gently increases pressure to prescribed levels over a 45min duration 5min increments
  • Drop Box Technology - Traps water to prevent damage to fragile components
  • Data Recording - SD card records therapy data for actionable results
  • User Intuitive Menu - Easy to navigate menus with backlit LCD screen for night time viewing

Reviewers Tip:

Use the REMstar 150 easily with either a cord or an external DC battery.


What is the pressure range on this device?

The pressure range on the REMstar 150 is 4-20 cmH20.

Does the REMstar 150 come with free filters? includes free filters for three years with your purcase.

RX Required.

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