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APEX XT Prime CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

Model: SC03201
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APEX XT Prime CPAP Machine with Humidifier

The APEX XT Prime is one of the smallest and lightest fixed-pressure CPAP machines available for purchase. It is an excellent travel companion that can provide the excellent performance you have become accustomed to with other larger CPAP machines. It has all the major functions that CPAP therapy users are looking for in order to receive the same performance that they are used to.


The Pressure Variation Algorithm provides relief to CPAP users who have trouble exhaling in constant air pressure. It reduces the pressure during exhalation and returns to the prescribed pressure level again on inhale, making breathing out easier. There are three pressure level settings, C1, C2, C3, so users can customize how much the pressure changes. PVA will not compromise your comfort nor have any negative effects on your CPAP therapy.

SD Card

All APEX XT CPAP machines come with an SD card that allows the user to easily download and store their CPAP information on a PC. CPAP patients can now record their data for their own review or take the information to their physician or health care provider. There, they can analyze the results and make adjustments to improve your sleep apnea therapy.


Smaller than other CPAP machines in its class, the XT Prime is the perfect CPAP machine for frequent travelers who do not wish to carry larger machines onto airplanes and in their luggage. Lightweight and palm-sized, the XT Prime can easily fit into carry-on luggage and remove the stress of having to travel with bulky machine.

Screen and Interface

The interface is user-friendly and easy to read. Changing settings is intuitive and quick, making setting changes simple. The machine is equipped with an LED screen that is clear to read, even in complete darkness.

Built-In Power Supply Brick

All XT models come with a built-in power supply brick that essentially eliminates extra machine parts. This allows the machine to only require a simple power cord and remain compact and easy to travel with. In order to power the machine you must have it plugged in at all times. The APEX XT Prime can easily be stored in a carry-on bag without having to worry about the amount of space it takes up. The power supply is universal and will work internationally as well as domestically. For international travel, however, you will need an outlet adapter in order for it to operate.

Optional APEX Medical XT Heated Humidifier

The XT Humidifier which is sold with this machine is designed to be the perfect CPAP companion. Used in conjunction with the APEX CPAP machine, the humidifier can add a bit of bulk to the overall machine size, but it packs the same punch that you would expect from larger CPAP machines. APEX has developed a great alternative for those who need a travel friendly but effective CPAP device. This includes the humidifier, but you can buy a machine without the humidifier here.

Heated Humidifier

The heated humidifier reduces the irritation commonly associated with CPAP therapy. Traditional CPAP devices can cause irritation of the throat and nasal passages, but humidified air can eliminate dryness. The humidifier will provide a minimum of 8 hours of humidification every night. APEX has vigorously tested the humidifier and determined that you can reliably expect 8 hours minimum with a full water chamber.

Default Settings

  • Ramp Start Time: 10 Min
  • Ramp Start Pressure: 3 cm H2O
  • Start Pressure: 4 cm H2O
  • C: Off
  • Alarm: Off
  • Clock Alarm: Off
  • Low Pressure: Off

Key Features

  • Pressure Variation Algorithm - Reduces pressure during exhale and returns to normal during inhale for improved comfort
  • Compact size - Lightweight and easy to travel with No external power brick - Eliminates extra weight User-friendly interface - Simple and hassle-free menu navigation backed by bright LCD screen Ramp pressure - Gently starts therapy at lower ramp settings, and increases pressure over a span of 45 min in 5 min increments Portable - Weighing 1.76lbs, this travel-friendly CPAP is ready to go when you are, wherever you are going Leak compensation - Compensates for minor leaks that occur in the mask area
  • Humidifier included - Increased comfort and sleep therapy with the humidifier


Operational Mode: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
Range of Pressure: Four to Twenty (4-20) cm H20
Time of Ramp to Pressure: Zero to Forty-five (0-20) Minutes - Adjustable by Five (5) Minute Timings 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 & 45
Ramp Beginning Pressure: Three to Nineteen (3-19) cmH20
CPAP Measurement: 5.7" Long, 5.1" wide, 3.9" High
CPAP Total Weight: 1.76 pounds
CPAP w/ XT Heated Humidifier Measurement: 10" Long, 6.8" Wide, 9.5" High
CPAP w/ Humidifier Total Weight: 3.13 pounds
Filter Type: Disposable Fiber
Screen Type: LCD
Provided Data Card: Yes. The SD card holds 730 sessions of summary data and 18 sessions of efficacy data
Data Access: User and physician access through any port that accommodates a traditional SD card
Exhale Pressure Relief: PVA pressure relief included
Automatic Adjustment: Altitude Yes
Power Auto Adjusting Voltage from 100-240V between 50-60Hz, Universal Power supply
Rechargeable Battery Options: No, APEX does not make a rechargeable battery
Heated Humidification System: XT Heated Humidifier
Warranty Period: Two (2) Years from the time of Purchase. Warranty is voided by water damage/misuse of the machine.

Reviewer's Tip:

The XT Prime comes with a gray, washable, and reusable filter. They should be cleaned at least once every two weeks, but more frequently in extreme temperatures or in dusty areas. In general, you should replace the filters every six months if you are keeping up with maintenance. Pay close attention to your filters and replace them if you think they are wearing down so that you can be sure that your APEX machine is performing at its optimum levels.

Note: Low Pressure Auto Off setting is enabled and the device will be automatically turned off after detecting a large leak for 3 minutes.
Easy Compliance Software.

Introducing the APEX XT Series Travel CPAP Machines!


Does the XT Prime come with a pressure alarm function?

Yes, there is a low pressure alarm setting that will tell you if there is a large leak in your mask. You have two different options available: in both cases, "Low P" will appear on the screen, but the audible alarm can be turned on or off.

Can I replace any of the fuses inside the machine?

No, there are no fuses that can be replaced by users, and if you have any fuse issues within the first two years, the machine will be covered under warranty. The two year warranty is voided only by water damage/misuse of the machine.

Can the machine be powered by a battery or a car adapter?

This device does not have DC capability so it cannot be powered by a battery or a car adapter. However, it can be used with a DC to AC inverter (only the CPAP machine, not the heated humidifier).

My filter is worn down and I haven't ordered a replacement yet. Will my machine operate without a filter?

No, the XT Prime cannot operate without the filter. Pay attention to the condition of your filter is in when you clean it and make sure you have replacements ready so that your CPAP therapy is not affected by a dirty or destroyed filter.


Model XT Prime XT Auto XT Sense XT Fit
Automatic Pressure Adjustment      
Pressure Relief    
Ramp Up Function
Automatic Altitude Adjustment (Manual) 
Automatic Leak Compensator
Low Pressure Alert  
SD Card Data  
Efficacy Information Reporter (AHI, Leak, etc.)    
Compliance Information Reporter
Pressure Setting Updater    
Alarm Clock Feature  
Humidifier Available

RX Required.

SKU: 633
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by Jeffery D Date Added: Friday 20 February, 2015

I really like how light weight this machine. I can Easily take this machine with my travels. I just throw it in my suit case. Perfect for me!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

by Sally M Date Added: Tuesday 12 August, 2014

For traveling APEX Medical XT Prime Travel is the right choice for me. It is the right compact size that makes traveling with it easy. I recommend this for anyone and everyone who has to travel.

The 3 levels of PVA works great for me, easy to adjust for the right setting that will give me the most comfort for me durning my treatment. Also, the Auto-adjusting Algorithm gives me a relax mind as the settings are set and auto controlled for my own personal comfortable levels of air pressure for the best relief and treatment for me.

I have always preferred a machine with a heated humidifier for my own personal comfort, so if you prefer a heated humidifier then this machine is for you too. This machine is also easy to set up.

Your customer service was very pleasant and very helpful, and very informative about your product.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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