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Transcend 3 Filter Assembly

Model: 503109
Transcend 3 Filter Assembly
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No Prescription Required


Disposable Fine Filters for Transcend 3 

These are the replacement filters for Transcend 3 Travel Cpap machine. Eventual build up of dirt particles is inevitable no matter how clean you may be or how often you clean. With that being said, maintaining good and effective replacement schedule is key to optimizing the efficiancy of your CPAP therapy. By normal health standards, it is generally recommended that changing the filter regularly every 4-6 months is good practice. These particular filters are not designed to be washed due to the material. Simply dispose of it and replace with a new one.

To change the air filter:

1.     Slide the air filter cover off and remove the old air filter.

2.     Insert a new air filter and replace the air filter cover.


Key Features

  • Soft Fabric
  • Simple Disposability

Compatible with Transcend 3 miniCPAP devices.  

SKU: 1348