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HDM Z1 Plastic Filter Cover w/ End Cap
Model: HD60-5011

HDM Z1 Plastic Filter Cover w/ End Cap
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Filter End Cap for Z1 Travel CPAP

The Plastic Filter End Cap is HDM's attachable device designed to protect the filters for their Z1 Travel CPAP Machine. The cap cover fits into the Plastic End Cap which secures onto the machine, protecting your filters for as long as you own the product. Unlike some pieces on CPAP devices, your filter end cap should be long-lasting.

Key Features

  • Replacement or Backup Accessory
  • Lightweight and Travel Friendly

Reviewers Tip:

This is the filter end cap ONLY. Filters come separately.

Introducing the Z1 with PowerShell and Overnight Battery!


Is the filter cap easily removable?

Yes, the cover will snap on and off instantly without difficulty.


SKU: 760