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Respironics PR System One Advanced DS1060 BiPAP S/T C Series with Humidifier

Model: DS1060HS, DS1060TS, DS1060S
Respironics PR System One Advanced DS1060 BiPAP S/T C Series with Humidifier
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Extended Warranty

Respironics System One BiPAP S/T was discontinued and replaced by a newer model DreamStation BiPAP S/T .

Respironics PR System One Advanced BiPAP S/T Provides Compact Ventilation

Get clinical support in a compact, user-friendly machine with the System One Advanced BiPAP S/T C Series. Features like advanced event detection and automatic adjustments provide advanced bilevel ventilation therapy that fits on your bedside table.

IPAP and EPAP Support

Unlike standard CPAP machines, the System One Advanced BiPAP S/T delivers both inhalation and exhalation support. This makes breathing easier and more comfortable, as you aren't fighting against a constant pressure. For users with a high pressure prescription, exhalation support is especially important.

Spontaneous and Timed Triggers

With spontaneous and spontaneous/timed triggers, your BiPAP S/T responds to manual indications and automatic variables, providing steady ventilation support in a variety of circumstances. The automatic adjustments save you the hassle of constantly monitoring your machine, while the manual options let you have complete control over your therapy.

Patient Management

Automatically track your treatment with included systems Encore and DirectView. These management systems record your data and present it in an easy-to-read format so you can review and discuss your treatment with your physician. Examine both short-term and long-term breathing patterns, tidal volume, breaths per minute, and even leakage. Your BiPAP is compatible with SD cards, ethernet and wireless connections, as well as broadband modems, so you have a variety of options for exporting your data.

System One Resistance Control

Often mask leaks and other variables can lead to a discrepancy between the pressure your machine should be delivering and the pressure you actually receive. System One Resistance Control provides a solution to this by adjusting its pressure to compensate for these issues. That way, the pressure you're supposed to receive is the pressure you actually receive.

Heated Humidification

System One integrated humidification allows you to get the most out of your System One Advanced BiPAP S/T C Series. Eliminate dry mouth and nasal passages and enjoy easier breathing. Opt for the heated tube to reduce rain out and control the air temperature for a more tailored humidification process.

Key Features

  • Leak Detection - Digital Auto-Trak adjusts airflow when it recognizes leaks
  • BiLevel Breathing Therapy - features inhalation and exhalation support
  • Heated Humidification - custom humidification with air temperature control

Reviewers Tip:

Opt for the heated tubing to get the most out of your heated humidifier.

How To Attach Respironics Heated Tubing


  • What is the pressure range for this device?
    • The pressure range for the System One Advanced BiPAP S/T is 4-30cm H2O.
  • Is a BiPAP machine right for me?
    • Only your physician can determine for sure what support you need, but BiPAP machines are often prescribed to patients who require both inhalation and exhalation support, especially patients who have a high pressure prescription that is difficult to exhale against without support.
  • Is there an option to purchase this device without a humidifier?

RX Required.

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